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With over 35,000 people taking NEBOSH qualifications every year they continue to grow in popularity by giving delegates real life skills and employers professionally qualified staff in relations to health and safety.

NEBOSH courses are internationally recognised by the:

  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
  • International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)

Over 20yrs experience

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What can we offer?

We offer a wide range of NEBOSH qualifications to suit people at every stage of their career. 

Courses are designed to provide managers, supervisors and employees with the skills and know-how to deal with a variety of health and safety issues.

They cover a range of training needs for a variety of industries.

Our NEBOSH Courses include:

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Why choose us?

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing RSTCS to study NEBOSH:

  • Excellent pass rates – consistently over 80%
  • Expert tutor support –  experience as NEBOSH examiners
  • Interactive training – with discussions, case studies and application to workplace scenarios
  • Confidence – that you are well prepared for all exams with revision materials and exam question practice
  • Reassurance – with continued support outside of the classroom on all aspects of your learning
  • Online delegate portal – access to leaner support materials

View our FAQ’s section below or contact  our NEBOSH trained advisers who can support you in choosing the right course matching your development needs and career history.

Our Suite of NEBOSH Courses

This is the most popular health and safety qualification in the UK and is essential for anyone wanting a successful career in health and safety. Holders of the NGC can apply for technical membership of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (Tech IOSH).

This course is aimed at managers and supervisors who are required to ensure that construction activities under their control are undertaken safely and without risk to health. People who hold the Construction Certificate have much stronger career prospects.​

The course provides the knowledge required by people with fire safety responsibilities within low to medium risk workplaces. Holders of this qualification help their organisation meet its fire safety responsibilities, leading to a safer environment for employees and visitors.

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Achieving a NEBOSH qualification will mean that you hold an internationally recognised health and safety qualification that will offer you a platform on which to build a successful career in health and safety. Investing in a NEBOSH qualification shows that you are committed to achieving a positive health and safety culture within your organisation. 

Taking on a new course can be a daunting prospect and one that takes a lot of thinking about. The amount of time and money invested in getting the best result possible is significant so it is crucial you understand what to expect. As a result of this there are a number of commonly asked questions which we have aimed to answer as best as possible on this page and below:

  • Who is the NEBOSH General Certificate for? The NEBOSH General Certificate is aimed at people who are just starting their role or career in health and safety. There are two versions – national and international. 
  • Can anyone take the NEBOSH certificate? As the NEBOSH Certificate is a foundation level qualification there is no prior knowledge required in order to take it. So, yes anyone is able to take this course!
  • Does a NEBOSH certificate expire? Once you have completed the 2 units there is no need to retake any of them again. However you will need to complete both units within 5 years to pass successfully.  

There are three main players when it comes to foundation level health and safety qualifications including the NEBOSH General Certificate, the NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and the new NCFE IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business.

While these courses qualify someone to the same level, they differ greatly when it comes to learning method:

  • NEBOSH General Certificate: The NEBOSH General Certificate provides an understanding of HSE regulations, hazards and risk assessments, acting as a foundation for a career in health and safety.
  • NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety:  This qualification is a worked-related competency based qualification and concentrates more on assessing current skills instead of teaching new knowledge. This course is aimed more towards those who are already in a health and safety role.
  • NCFE IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business: This course focuses on providing a business and technical focus towards health and safety, allowing for a more strategic approach.  Again, this course is aimed towards those already in a health and safety role and is a portfolio based qualification.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate and NEBOSH International General Certificate are both versions of the NEBOSH General Certificate. The National General Certificate couse is available in the UK only and the International General Certificate is available to all countries outside of the UK.

They’re the same level, have the same units, elements and learning outcomes and they both follow the same exam structure and grading system.

The course content isn’t that much different either. They both teach you how to manage health and safety based on the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” management system. But they reference different legislation and regulation in the finer details.

If your goal is to become a chartered health and safety professional, NEBOSH qualifications will help you get there. One route to CMIOSH status would be to achieve the entry level NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety followed by the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety coupled with industry experience.

Choosing a provider for a course like the NEBOSH General Certificate can be really difficult for 2 reasons.

  1. Because there are so many providers
  2. Because you want to ensure you get the best value for money

There are many ways to help you choose which provider is best for you. We always recommend looking at online reviews and testimonials to understand things such as course quality and level of customer service. However, it is also important to consider things like the types of learning they provide, what course material you will be provided with and how much tutor support you’ll get.

Finally, pass marks are also important to consider. You need to have confidence that your provider will help you gain that all important pass mark so ensure you check out what their pass rates are and how students are prepared for their exams at the end of the course.

The NEBOSH NGC course is an ideal place to start as it gives a broad grounding in the field of health and safety. The NEBOSH National Diploma course will build on knowledge gained at this level. Whilst it is not necessary to have a pre-qualification to take the NEBOSH National Diploma, we would highly recommend it.

There are two assessments for the NEBOSH General Certificate:

  • A 2-hour written exam consisting of 10 short answer questions and 1 long answer.
  • A 3-hour practical risk assessment carried out in the workplace to demonstrate the knowledge learned in elements 5-11.

Exams held four times a year in March, June, September and December, but it is also possible to establish your own exam date too. 

You need to pass both assessments to achieve your NEBOSH General Certificate.  

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